Perpetual movement signed Touchard, 19th century

Perpetual movement signed Touchard, 19th century

Scientific machine with perpetual motion in steel, of an exceptional quality and in working order. Complex by its mechanism in order to make a wheel autonomous and remarkable by its work of steel in the assembly and the completion. Mechanism signed T.Touchard. Object of museum quality worthy of a collector's cabinet

Definition of perpetual motion
Movement of an ideal mechanism that could continue to function indefinitely without drawing on an external source of energy.
Perpetual Motion is :
1- creating energy (which scientists say is impossible)
2- reversing entropy
3- eliminate friction
In 1775, under the influence of Laplace, the Paris Academy of Sciences solemnly condemned perpetual motion, guilty of uselessly consuming the talents, time and fortune of too many ingenious mechanics. If this judgment has found before it, during almost two centuries, only the most favorable atmosphere, it has not suppressed the dream. The latter cannot be entirely blamed on the unreasonable passion and ignorance of the seekers of marvelous inventions.

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Height: 64 cm
Length : 64.5
Depth: 25 cm

Era 1860
Origin France
Materials Steel, bronze and blackened wooden base
Reference Movement-Touchard12


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