Column in cloisonné enamel and Algerian onyx marble

Column in cloisonné enamel and Algerian onyx marble

Display column with turntable, in Algerian onyx marble resting on a square base, dating from the late 19th century. The ornaments are decorated with bronze trimmings in cloisonné enamel.



Algerian marble-onyx is a translucent material, a compromise between marble and alabaster. It exists in many shades and variants (white, yellow, red, green). Marble mines, exploited by the Romans, in the province of Oran.

In 1849, Jean Baptiste Delmonte, an Italian marble worker, discovered this quarry and exploited it. Jean Batiste Delmonte gave up his rights in 1858 to the Compagnie des Marbres-Onyx d'Algerie founded by Alphonse Pallu. This material was honoured during the Second Empire and was awarded a medal at the 1862 Universal Exhibition.

Item sold

Height: 108 cm
Width of base: 25.5 cm
Width of tray: 30 cm

Era 1890
Origin France
Materials Gilt bronze, cloisonné enamel and Algerian onyx-marble
Reference Column-onyx-enamel293


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