Nelli Foundry Rome

The Nelli foundry was active in Rome around 1880 and worked for the greatest sculptors of the Second Empire, Anton van Wouw, Alfred Gilbert, Felipe Moratilla etc. and also for Tiffany & Co in New York. The reputation of this foundry was international. Charles-Alphonse-Achille Gumery is a French sculptor, he received the Grand Prix de Rome in 1850. He sent a 2-metre high bronze made in Italy, "Young Faun playing with a kid", to the 1855 Universal Exhibition. He received numerous commissions and executed statues and monuments for various cities. These sculptures adorn the Garnier Opera House, the Louvre, the Faculty of Medicine in Montpellier, the Gare du Nord in Paris, etc. .... In mythology, the Fauns were said to be sons or descendants of Faunus, third king of Italy, who was said to be the son of Picus or Mars, and grandson of Saturn. The poets claim that the voice of the Fauns was often heard in the woods and although they were considered to be demigods, they were not immortal, but only died after a very long life.

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